METAWAVE proposes the introduction of advanced microwave-based heating systems in high-temperature heating processes. Its key outcome is the demonstration of these systems in three industrial sectors (ceramics, asphalt, aluminium) realising superior performance. Process efficiency, energy use, GHG emissions and productivity are the main metrics that define the positioning of the project results on the industrial innovation atlas. The advantages of higher system efficiency, shorter process time and process controllability have the potential of bringing the twin-transition one step closer, helping the process industries to reduce the energy demand and leverage their overall flexibility. Further optimisation requires feedstock enhancement with novel nanostructured additives, waste-based refractories for advanced process monitoring and controls as well as robust modelling and predictive functions for the Process Digital Twin. METAWAVE will target seamless integration of renewable energy sources to power the microwave-based heating systems through Virtual Power Plant (VPP) configurations, accompanied by an energy management system based on data-driven modelling optimisation and alongside the investigation of industrial symbiosis developing a detailed Hub 4 Circularity (H4C) roadmap. A complete assessment of the techno-economic feasibility of the novel technologies and their environmental impact will be conducted paving the way towards their up-scale and commercial adoption.
METAWAVE will mobilise different stakeholders into new ways of operating process industries through capacity building, open science, and new forms of sustainable economic activity with an emphasis on sustainable fuels and feedstocks. 7 SMEs along with 6 RTDs, 2 universities and 3 large enterprises work together to achieve 420 GWh energy reduction, over 95ktCO2 averted and more than 19% productivity increase yielding total revenues of more than 230M€ and the creation of more than 900 new jobs by 2032.

Proposal ID: 101138476 – Call HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01
Title: High-temperature heating processes with breakthrough microwave and digital technologies for increased energy