a-COMFORT is the most comfortable material for casual footwear

sole casual footwear

You can make the difference with a-COMFORT

A shoe sole that combines the best of top-grade materials like rubber and TPU, and with a similar weight to PU, TR, or expanded TPU

Compared to the EVA

  • This material has a rubbery feel, like rubber.

  • It’s possible to achieve much better abrasion resistance, which prevents the sole from wearing out as much.

  • It is antistatic, so it will never generate sparks.

  • Similar weight.

Compared to the PU

  • In addition to having a better rubbery appearance, the material allows for much more pronounced designs.

  • The material is able to withstand heat contact.

  • Does not undergo hydrolysis.

a-COMFORT Technology

The combination of different top-grade polymers with 2D and 3D carbonaceous structures has allowed the creation of a material with unique properties and easy to handle in injection machines for EVA products.

Discover the properties

Maximum durability

The soles doesn’t wear down as much

Adaptable to any design

For leisure and casual footwear

Maximum comfort

Max. cushioning + Max. anti-slip

Greater lightness

a-COMFORT = 0,5 – 0,6 g/l

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a-COMFORT facilitates the production of soles with unique properties, combining everything you may need in a single product.