Graphene flame retardant

avanFIRE GR-8

Flame retardant

avanFIRE GR-8 is a combination of graphene-derived materials that exhibit exceptional synergies with other flame retardant additives containing polyphosphates and hydroxides.

avanFIRE GR-8 enhances the fire resistance performance of the compound by producing a carbonaceous layer (CHAR), which is highly effective in preventing further contribution of fuels and oxidizers to the flame, reducing dripping, and distributing the energy produced by the flame (heat).

Main advantages:
  • Halogen-free and antimony oxide (SVHC) formulation for flame retardants (FR).
  • Adjustable dosing according to application requirements.
  • Black color formulation.
  • Non-toxic

Matrix LS AT O.C.
PU 2 10% avanFIRE FR-85Ti V0
PA 4 V0 (1.6 mm)
PA 6 +20% fiberglass 1.5 12% phosphinates V0 (1.6 mm)

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