Graphene electric conductor


Electrical conductivity

The use of graphene in the manufacturing of composites with high electrical conductivity is one of the most developed fields of application today.

Avanzare has developed a family of graphene products modified and tailored to each final product.

The required dosage to achieve good conductivity depends on the dispersion method and the polymer used. This can completely vary the final properties obtained. Introducing a higher percentage will result in an increase in the conductivity of the final material.

Main advantages of using graphene materials compared to other carbon-based materials
  • Low dosage
  • Reduced impact on flowability
  • Easy integration
Product Matrix Format Dosage Resistivity
avanGRP High Solid 32 Resins (EVER, UPR) Moistened powder 2 – 6% < 10^3Ω
avanGRP 601 Thermoplastics Powder 8 – 14% < 10^3Ω
avanCONDUCTIVE 334 Solvent-based resins Moistened powder 1.5 – 4% < 10^3Ω
avanCONDUCTIVE 212 Water-based resins Moistened powder 1.5 – 4% < 10^3Ω

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