avanGRP CONDUCTIVE. The use of graphene in the manufacture of composites with high electrical conductivity is one of the most developed fields of application so far.

avanzare has developed a family of graphene products specially modified and adjusted for each final product.

Main advantages of the use of graphene materials compared to other carbonaceous materials

  • Low application dose

  • Lower impact on fluency

  • Easy integration

Raw materialFormatDosageResistivityImpact price
avanGRP CONDUCTIVEGeneral purposeSolid6-15< 0.1 mohm$ $
avanPLAT-2Filament in PA6Solid3%< 0.1 mohm$
ACPS High SolidResins (EVER, UPR)Wetted Powder2-6%KOHMS$ $
avanGRP MB-505General purposeMB in EVA10-40%KOHMS$
avanCONDUCTIVE 334Solvent base resinsWetted Powder2-6%KOHMS$
avanCONDUCTIVE 212Water base resinsWetted Powder2-6%KOHMS$

The dosage necessary to obtain a good conductivity depends on the dispersion method and the polymer used. This can completely vary the final properties obtained.

The introduction of a higher % will produce an increase in the conductivity of the final material.

Multipurpose graphene

Thermally conductive graphene

Electrically conductive graphene

Flame retardant graphene