Thermal conductor graphene


Thermal conductivity

avanTHERMAL 440 is an additive based on graphite nanoplatelets, specifically designed to provide thermal conductivity to all kinds of materials and coatings. Its dimension and special feature create a material that is easy to integrate into most matrices.

The compound generated is capable of improving thermal transmission between 10 and 20 times more than the raw material.

Product Matrix Format Dosage Processing
avanTHERMAL 440 All Powder 2-12% Based on matrix
avanTHERMAL 440 MB Rubber MB <15% Injection, extrusion, internal mixer

t= 30s

t= 300s

t= 400s

t= 720s

Two formats:
  • avanTHERMAL 440: Powder

  • avanTHERMAL 440 MB 70 PO: Masterbatch (MB) based on EPM / EVA, suitable for both rubbers and low melting point thermoplastics (< 230 ºC).

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