Multipurpose graphene

avanGRP 40

grafeno multiusos cable coaxial

Advanced applications

avanGRP 40 has been specially developed for integration into resins, plastics, and rubbers, providing the composite with excellent thermal and electrical transmission.

The material is supplied in the form of dry black powder. Due to its size, thickness, and characteristics, it can be integrated into any matrix, enhancing the electrical and thermal conductivity of the materials.

These graphene NANOPLATELETS are intended to be an easily testable product and to be introduced into different matrices, serving as an introduction to the use of graphene for industrial agents.

Our industrial-grade graphene can be used for other advanced applications, such as:
  • Laser activation – Sectors: Automotive, electronics.

  • Mechanical properties – Sectors: Automotive, aerospace, construction, wind energy, among others.

  • EMI Shielding / Radiofrequency Shielding – Sectors: Military, telecommunications, aerospace, electricity, among others.

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