Graphene in multiple grades, for different industries and with a wide range of applications.

A material with infinite possibilities

With unique properties, graphene has become the pillar of nanotechnology and the advanced materials revolution.

Our graphene-based additives are known for their properties of high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity and good integration within the matrix.

Why use graphene?

Sustainable Innovation

Graphene drives sustainability by enabling advances in green technologies and improvements in material recyclability.

Multiple Applications

From electronics to construction, graphene is redefining how we interact with the world, providing new solutions.

Investment in the Future

The new possibilities offered by graphene will drive a future of innovation and efficiency.

Graphene for R&D Laboratory

Graphene in its original and pure form, without modifications.

lateral size: 100 – 500 nm

Pristine graphene - Graph 1 Pristine graphene

Pristine graphene - Graph 2

Graphene with a high oxygen content, manufactured by chemical oxidation.

Type of graphene LS AT O.C BET Average number of layers
av-GOX-70 70 μm 1-2 nm 30% 400 m2/g 1-2
av-GOX-40 40 μm 1-2 nm 30% 400 m2/g 1-2

AV-GOX-70 óxido de grafeno

Graphene with moderate oxygen content.

Type of graphene LS AT O.C BET Average number of layers
av-40-3-8 40 μm <3 nm 8% 260 m2/g <10
av-70-3-8 70 μm <3 nm 8% 280 m2/g <10
av-40-3-20 40 μm <3 nm 20% <200 m2/g <10
av-703-20 70 μm <3 nm 20% <220 m2/g <10

AV-40-3-8 AV-70-3-8 AV-40-3-20 AV-70-3-20

Highly exfoliated graphene, with a very low oxygen content.

Type of graphene LS AT O.C BET Average number of layers
av-70-1-2,5 70 μm <1 nm 2,5% 416 m2/g <3
av-40-1-2,5 40 μm <1 nm 2,5% 480 m2/g <3
av-70-3-3,5 70 μm 2-3 nm 3,5% 230 m2/g <10
av-40-3-3,5 40 μm 2-3 nm 3,5% 225 m2/g <10

AV-70-1-2,5 AV-40-1-2,5 AV-70-3-3,5 AV-40-3-3,5

Nanomaterials consisting of several layers of graphene on top of each other.

Type of graphene LS AT O.C BET Average number of layers
av-PLAT-2 2 μm <10 nm 1% 200 m2/g <20
av-PLAT-7 7.2 μm 3 nm <1% 70 m2/g 5-10
av-PLAT-40 40 μm 10 nm <1% 200 m2/g <30
av-PLAT-70 70 μm 10 nm <1% 200 m2/g <30


All our research degrees are classified according to:
  • Lateral size (LS) (XY structure)

  • Average thickness (AT)
  • Oxygen content (O.C)

The numbers appearing in their names represent av-(A)-(B)-(C):
  • A) Lateral size (LD50)
  • B) Average thickness (nm)
  • C) Oxygen percentage

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