We produce graphene in multiple grades, for various industries, and a wide range of applications

Our graphene additives are known by their enormous properties of high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, and good integration within the matrix.

Our Graphene materials are divided into industrial grade and research grades:

Industrial grade

Multipurpose graphene

Thermally conductive graphene

Electrically conductive graphene

Flame retardant graphene

R&D grades

For R&D purposes we provide various grades and tailor-made according to requirements

All of our research grade are classified in function of:

  • Lateral size (XY structure)

  • Average thickness

  • Oxygen content

The numbers that appear in these names represent the.. av –(A)-(B)-(C)

  • A) Lateral size (LD50)

  • B) Average thickness (nm)

  • C) % of oxygen

Pristine Graphene

Highly reduced Graphene oxide

Graphene oxide

Partially reduced Graphene oxide

Graphene/Graphite Nanoplatelets