a-SAFE is the ultralight material for safety footwear, providing maximum comfort for long workdays

safety shoes

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a-SAFE offers the best properties of NBR rubber and the lightweight characteristics of a foamed material.

a-SAFE Technology

The combination of different top-grade polymers with 2D and 3D carbonaceous structures has allowed the creation of a material with unique properties and easy to handle in injection machines for EVA products.

Discover the properties

Maximum comfort

Max. cushioning + Max. anti-slip

Maximum security

Good abrasion & heat resistance

safety shoessafety soles shoes colorable

Greater lightness

a-SAFE = 0,5 – 0,6 g/l


a-SAFE = 10⁷- 10⁹ Ω

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a-SAFE facilitates the production of soles with unique properties, combining everything you may need in a single product.