aSAFE brand

High technology to guarantee the best performance in safety shoes.

Explore the features and properties of the most innovative additive for safety shoes.

What is a-SAFE?

a-SAFE is an injectable material with the same physical properties than NBR with the half weight. Flexible, colorable, lightweight, easy to work with, versatile, soft touch (rubber touch) and comfortable with aesthetic appeal. a-SAFE meets all the properties demanded by the safety footwear market.

The combination of different top-grade polymers with 2D and 3D carbonaceous structures has allowed the creation of a material with unique properties and easy to handle in injection machines for EVA products.

Main features of a-SAFE

The material is in pellet form and allows to produce shoe soles with half weight compared with other usual materials in the shoe sole industry, as TPU or NBR (rubber).

The technical specifications showed has been obtained in lab conditions over expanded reticulated plates (expansion rate 1.2) using a-SAFE material. These values must be considered as indicatives and they may vary slightly depending on the injection process and parameters.

Other characteristics of the material are the following:

  • Contact heat resistant.
  • It does not show hydrolisis as other leight materials as PU.
  • Colorable, broad range of colours.
  • Standard expansion coefficient, 1.2.


This material is processed by injection moulding expand-cross linked EVA. Quite similar to those used in the injection of thermoplastics materials. The material is injected into thermosregulated moulds (165-170ºC). The molten mass temperature is usually 70 to 80ºC.

The cross linking process takes place into the mould and after 8-9 minutes the mould is ready to open. After opening the material expanded several times the volume of the original mould. The expansion is homogeneous in the three dimensions.

EVA injector

It is not required pre-drying process.


a-SAFE does not present any risk of toxicity by contact and inhalation in pellet form. During the processing stage, however, the contact with the product and the inhalation of the fumes must be avoided. We advise proper ventilation of the processing areas.


It is recommended that the product must be in a cool, dry and ventilated conditions. Exposure to high temperature, heat, humidity and/or open flames must be avoided.


a-SAFE products are supplied in a 25 kg plastic bag on standard 1000 kg pallets.