FEDER, ADER Ministerio de Hacienda, EU


Last week, on the occasion of the monitoring committee, members of the Regional ERDF Programme, ADER, EU Regio Portugal and Spain, and the Ministry of Finance visited Avanzare’s facilities, where they had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the the main activity of the company and the projects carried out.


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as support for innovation.

The Committee is a technical body co-chaired by the Directorate-General for European Funds of the Ministry of Finance and the equivalent body of the La Rioja administration. The aim of the latter is to analyse the evolution of the programme, approve possible modifications and promote approved projects.


The Avanzare Group develops three European R&D&I projects.

In line with its activity, Avanzare has received a total of 106,400 euros from the ERDF fund for the development of three R&D&I projects.

The first project aims to boost the activity of Oenogreen, a specific business unit for oenological products. This project consists of the development of new biotechnological systems for the wine production process and control of wine production.

The second project aims to develop UV filters for synthetic quartz as a material for for outdoor elements in sectors such as construction.

Finally, the third project consists of the development of polyolefins resistant to ultraviolet radiation for the manufacture of different elements, such as coatings for the construction sector, components for the automotive industry or cable insulators for the electronics sector.


Avanzare, leader in Spain and among the top in Europe in the production of advanced materials.

Avanzare has been working for over 20 years to be a leader in the development, production and commercialization of advanced functional materials for emerging applications and alternatives to traditional materials.

With the aim of producing disruptive changes in industry, Avanzare develops high-performance solutions based on nanotechnology, 2D materials and new emerging materials for sectors such as construction, automotive, footwear, mobile devices or packaging, among others.