Yes, it is possible by using carbon-based conductive materials. These percolation-based materials enhance the electrical properties of the material, achieving resistivities lower than 10^5 ohms/cm.

Furthermore, unlike most colorable antistatics, this effect is permanent and instantaneous. Thus, the ESD effect is achieved after processing the material.

avanGRP 700 and avanGRP710 are a range of graphene-based products in masterbatch format that provide electrical conductivity for ESD and conductive products in a wide variety of thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, PS…).

ESD materiales conductores grafeno

avanGRP 700 y avanGRP 710: Electrically conductive masterbatch.

avanGRP 700MB is an electrically conductive masterbatch in universal polyolefin, for plastics and rubbers, based on the integration of graphene into polyolefin.

avanGRP 710MB is an electrically conductive masterbatch in a universal matrix, for application in PS (polystyrene) and HIPS (high-impact polystyrene), based on the integration of graphene into a matrix compatible with PS.

Main features

Unit Value (avanGRP 700) Valor (avanGRP 710)
Aspect Colour Black pellets Black pellets
Electrical resistivity (Surface) Ohms/cm <10 <10
Melt Flow Index (MFI) g/10 min, (210ºC/15Kg) 8.0 8.3
Density g/cm3 1.1 1.0

Evolution of electrical conductivity as a function of the addition of avanGRP 700MB and avanGRP 710MB

avanGRP 700 MB

The material can be used either as a direct compound or as a masterbatch to be diluted. A percolation threshold should be between 25-30% depending on the dispersion and integration into the raw material.

avanGRP 710 MB

The material can be used in direct injection or with a prior extrusion process. The percolation threshold starts at an 18-20% addition of the masterbatch, and continues to increase conductivity up to a maximum dosage of 50%.

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