Since its foundation in 2004 we have been a reference in the field of nanotechnology and high-performance nanomaterials, as well as in the marketing of special additives for various materials.

In order to expand our activities and lines of business, we established Oenogreen, a specialized business unit focused on enological products and winery control. Furthermore, over the past decade, we have successfully acquired two leading companies in their respective fields: Ensatec and NASIKA PRODUCTS S.A.

Today, with the goal of unifying our divisions and highlighting our identity as a group, we have carried out a rebranding process. Inspired by the distinctive hexagonal design that characterizes Avanzare, we have created unique logos for each brand within the group, each with its own representative color. These logos, which incorporate dark-toned letters along with the hexagonal design, preserve the essence and original DNA of Avanzare.

At Avanzare, we remain committed to excellence in innovation and providing solutions in all our areas of business. This unification process strengthens our position and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our group.