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production of graphene
nanoflakes, GO, and rGO
High quality solutions Advanced additives
for critical sectors
Anti Static Materials Protection and prevention
of Electro Static Discharge

All our products are produced and tested in certified laboratories in Europe



Anti static

Advanced Additives

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High performance materials

The next generation of mobile devices, vehicles, machinery, consumables, sustainable and intelligent construction, industrial, medical, domestic equipment, clothing and footwear, packaging, etc., will require new, more versatile advanced materials with better performance.

At avanzare we are specialized in the development, production and commercialization of advanced functional materials for both emerging and alternative applications to traditional materials.

High-performance solutions based on nanotechnology, 2D materials and new emerging materials.

Our goal is to produce disruptive changes in the industry.

  • Automotive section
  • Aeronautic sector
  • Protection equipment
  • Footwear industry
  • Paint & Coatings

  • Construction
  • Cable

  • Fabrics
  • Packaging and paper
  • Wind power

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High-performance additives

Specific oenological products and control systems for wineries

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1503, 2021

Avanzare opens its new production center

Avanzare opens its new production center with more than 10,000 square meters for the production of graphene and its other additives. The new center will be part of the new avanzare facilities, the center will multiply by 10 the current productive capacity of the company to give support and service to its new clients and its international expansion.


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