ESD/ Antistatic

 Electrostatic dissipation and discharge protection to prevent shocks, destruction of electronic circuits, sparks, appliance malfunctions, dust adhesion, etc.


Electrical conductivity

 Additives to impart conductivity in intrinsically insulating materials such as plastics, rubber and resins.


Thermal dissipation

 Additives that impart thermal conductivity to intrinsically insulating materials so that they can conduct and dissipate heat.


Flame-Retardant / Fire resistant

 Development, testing and certification of non-halogenated and antimony oxide free solutions.

advanced performance additives 

Avanzare / Ensatec

Welcome to Avanzare

At avanzare Innovacion Tenologica we provide our customers with high-performance specialty additives and materials. We are specialized in the development, production and commercialization of specialty additives for different materials, mainly plastics and rubber, across many different industries.

We have extensive experience in the scope of functionalities such as antistatic, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal dissipations, flame retardant/fire resistance, anti-bacterial, hydrophobic, chemical tracer, etc.

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