Advanced Additives



UV Filter

Chemical tracer

Electrically & Magnetically detectable

avanzare develops and produces additives and mixtures for various requirements/needs based on non-halogenated and antimony oxide free compounds.

Our knowledge in additives, the synergies generated between them and the possibilities of testing in real conditions, allows us to be the ideal partner in achievement and the development of the most restrictive and demanding projects in the industry.

Materials such as resins, foams, resins, or wood are frequent in our portfolios solving applications in, construction, injection, industrial…

Our laboratory division ENSATEC, as an accredited laboratory at European level, allows analysis of a material or systems behavior against the fire. Ensatec has two labs:

Fire reactivity lab

  • NON – combustibility test

  • Single burning item test (SBI)

  • Ignitability test

  • Radiant panel Test

  • Determination of the gross heat of combustion

  • UL-94

Fire resistance lab

  • Fire resistance test for doors

  • Fire resistance test for non-loadbearing elements
  • Fire resistance test for building hardware