The Chromium (VI) problem, widely used in electroplating techniques

Used as etching agent, Cr (VI) is a highly toxic heavy metal, being mutagenic and carcinogenic for humans, together with other toxic effects for workers.

EU has included Cr(VI) in the restricted substances under REACH directive and its use is banned from 2018 onwards. However, due to the inexistence of alternative technologies, its use continues.

Impact: Almost the 100% of the companies, that metallized plastics are using chrome (VI) and palladium/tin. This represents an average consumption of 175,000 kg / yr of Cr (VI) and 1,000,000 kg / year of other chemicals.

Unmet use restrictions IPCC Directive (2008/01/EC)
WEEE Directive (2008/98/EC)

The Solution: Cr-free high-performance electroplating pre-treatment for plastic surfaces

Using proprietary Molecular Self Assembly (SAM) nanotechnology, Avanzare eliminates the need for chemical etching with Cr (VI) acids and electroless nickel plating.

freeCr6plat technology

Market creating innovation: opens the doors for metallizing many types of polymers.
Game-changer methodology: improving production performance drastically reducing the huge environmental impact of it.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 829535.