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At avanzare we provide our customer with high-performance nanomaterials and nanotechnology-based solutions. We are specialized in the development, production and commercialization of specialty additives for different materials, mainly plastics and rubber, across different industries: automotive, aeronautics, safety equipment, footwear, painting, building, wire and cable sector, fabrics, packaging and paper, among others. We have extensive experience in the scope of functionalities such as antistatic, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal dissipations, flame retardant/fire resistance, anti-bacterial, hydrophobic, etc.

Our highly qualified and large R&D department (31 professionals, 3500 m2 lab and a complete pilot plant), and our solid experience in European Innovation Projects, at the service of our customers, represent a strong competitive advantage.

nasikaThe Avanzare group acquired in 2022 the main producer of pre-dispersed additives for the rubber sector in South Europe, NASIKA PRODUCTS S.A.

Today, Nasika maintain its current structure and communication channels with its customers under the Avanzare group in terms of management team, quality, image, service and innovation.

ensatecThe Avanzare group acquired Ensatec in 2014, a European ILAC-ENAC accredited laboratory. It is specialized in testing, certification and calibration services with a fire testing division and capacity to issue a wide range of certifications.

This synergy has delivered vertical efficiencies and improves avanzare’s ability to offer a wider scope of services and complete turn-key projects to better meet our customer’s needs.

oenogreenOenogreen is the specific oenological products and control business unit for the winery of the Avanzare group, specialized in different types of food solutions.

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    507, 2021


    LA TECNOLOGÍA RESOUL CLAVE EN EL DESARROLLO DE UN PROYECTO PARA LA RECUPERACION DE AROMAS NATURALES El proyecto EXTRAROMAS tiene como objetivo la recuperación de los aromas naturales de la fruta procedentes de la industria alimentaria (crema de fruta y vino) para la reincorporación de dichos aromas, tanto en sus procesos de producción evitando la introducción de aromas artificiales, como [...]

    1503, 2021

    Avanzare opens its new production center

    Avanzare opens its new production center with more than 10,000 square meters for the production of graphene and its other additives. The new center will be part of the new avanzare facilities, the center will multiply by 10 the current productive capacity of the company to give support and service to its new clients and its international expansion.


    Dr. Julio Gómez
    Dr. Julio GómezCEO
    Dr. Javier Pérez
    Dr. Javier PérezCCO
    Erik Diez
    Erik DiezCOO
    Dra. Elvira Villaro
    Dra. Elvira VillaroCTO
    Javier Gómez
    Javier GómezCFO
    Luis Otaño
    Luis OtañoChief Research & Sustainability Officer
    Pedro Falces
    Pedro FalcesOperations Support Manager
    Gustavo A. García
    Gustavo A. GarcíaPlant Manager
    Beatriz Díez
    Beatriz DíezPurchasing Manager
    José Ramón Sempere
    José Ramón SempereSenior Sales Manager
    Dr. Daniel Benito
    Dr. Daniel BenitoQuality Manager
    Lucía Badaya
    Lucía BadayaProject Manager
    Inma Gómez
    Inma GómezProject Manager
    Juanma Zuluaga
    Juanma ZuluagaProduction Manager
    Louis Selinger
    Louis SelingerCentral & Northern Europe Sales Manager
    Juan Mercadal
    Juan MercadalNorthern Spain Sales Manager
    Sergio Gallego
    Sergio GallegoNortheast Spain Sales Manager
    Lucía San José
    Lucía San JoséMarketing & Comunicación Manager
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