Chemical tracer
Chemical trademark (anti-counterfeiting)

Unique solutions of tailor-made additives based on organometallic compounds for materials differentiation/ identification, which allow avoiding illegitimate claims. avanzare offers a unique tailor-made additive for each raw material and producer. Based on organometallic compounds, these additives allow identifying and differentiating the treated material from any other, even when included in another formulation or transformed into a finished good.

Each of these chemical trademark formulations are unique and tailor-made for each customer and material and they are neither reused for any other one nor subjective to be copied. Since extremely low dosages are required (0.2-0.3%) the final material properties remain unaffected and it has a minimal impact on costs.

Main advantages of avanzare chemical trademark (unique tracer) solutions for materials

  • Unique tracer solutions of your materials

  • Illegitimate claims regarding material origin are avoided

  • Disincentive and entry barrier for unsafe raw materials suppliers

  • Very low dosage required and cost repercussion

  • Tailor-made in terms of design and security levels preferences



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Chemical tracer

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