avanZnO BAC is an effective anti-bacterial product line to control and remove microorganisms.

avanZnO BAC products exhibit an excellent cost-effectiveness since extremely low doses are required. They are suitable to be applied in clear or any colour materials and available in solid, liquid and masterbatch.

avanzareANTI-ODOUR (additional optional feature), is designed to eliminate the odour that results from the body contact with the treated material. Suitable for applications that are meant to be in contact with the human body: insoles, textile, foams in furniture or automotive interiors.

avanzare has a fully equipped laboratory of microbiology that allows us to analyze and test each of our products, increasing the quality criteria and comparing their efficiency and effectiveness against a large number of different microorganisms and tests

  • Standard Zone of Inhibition Test (Kirby Bauer Qualitative Test for growth Inhibition)

  • Quantitative method for the determination of minimum inhibitory concentration of microbial growth

  • Test for antimicrobial activity according Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Z 2801)

  • Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics (ISO 22196:2011)

  • Isolation and determination of microorganisms causing contamination

  • Other biotechnological applications (on demand)



UV Filter

Chemical tracer

Electrically & Magnetically