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avanSAFE detector (MB)

is a masterbatch designed to impart detectability, by electrical and magnetic systems, to different plastics and rubber.

Imparting this property allows an easy detection of packaging, pens and bridles produced with this masterbatch, in food and beverages processing facilities. Therefore, this solution prevents contamination of undesired plastic materials in processed food.

This product formula has been specially designed to be introduced in a polymeric base and generate a minimal effect to its mechanical properties. Additionally, its low required dosage allows any colour formulations and it ca be applied in injection, extrusion and rotational moulding processes.



  • Suitable for any colour formulation
  • Detectable by metallic and magnetic detection systems.
  • No odours or migration detected
  • Minimal effect to the original material mechanical properties.
  • Suitable for food-contact applications (FDA and EU regulations 10/2011)


avanSAFE detector deteccion de polímeros y caucho