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As a result of this development and research we have now a broad portfolio of products and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Nowadays many companies require specific solutions, therefore our main job consists of assisting them technically in processes, materials and final products so that to improve their market positioning both national and internationally.

Thanks to our extensive experience in R&D projects we have a qualified network of international contacts and collaborators in the science, technology and industry fields, so that we are cable of advising companies, ease technological transfer and improve their key competitive advantages.

Well aware of the time and economical effort that research and development activities represent for our customers, in avanzare we do not only offer technical assistance but also R&D project advisory and management comprehensive services. We search for appropriate R&D calls to attack the most appropriate funding though both private and public institutions.

We have a qualified and large R&D department consisting of Chemistry phds and graduates, Biologists, Biochemists, Engineers and lab Technicians, complete facilities of 3500 m2 of labs and pilot plant.

Avanzare’s multidiscipline team has extensive expertise in developing innovation project both national and internationally and it is at the complete disposal of our customers to deliver improvements to their materials thus, contributing to increase their competitive advantage.

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