In Avanzare we have extensive expertise in 2D materials research and production, above 10 years now, and we are specialized in the production of different bulk graphene and graphene/graphite nanoplatelets, industrial and lab grades. Ranging from graphene oxide grades, along with partially reduced and highly reduced graphene oxide grades, to printine graphene. Dispersions and masterbatches are also available upon customer request: required dosage, grade, base material…

This laminar carbon material is set to become the material of the 21st century due to its wide variety of potential applications and fields such as nanoelectronics, heat dissipative composites, ultracapacitos, gas sensors, catalyst support. Nowadays it mainly stands out, thanks to the following properties:

  • Electrical conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity and dissipation
  • As a nucleating agent, it improves mechanical properties (flexion, traction and scratch resistance)

Please find attached our graphene catalogue with our different graphene and graphene/graphite nanoplatelets grades classified and named according to the following key features:

  • Lateral size (LD50)
  • Average thickness
  • Oxygen content (XPS)
  • BET
  • Average number of layers
Grafeno / Graphene

Additionally, thanks to our extensive know-how on this material characteristics and preparation methods we offer tailor-made graphene grades in which the aforementioned features and other characteristics, such as micro or mesoporosity, can be modified to better suit our customer’s applications needs.

Within our available grades, we have a range whose production and features follow strict characterization control protocols. They are suitable for research purposes and very specific applications’ developments that have very demanding requirements in terms features accuracy: oxygen content, lateral size, average thickness, etc. Their nowadays prices and minimum order quantities are in line with the aforementioned aspects, nevertheless the drop in prices of these graphene grades will continue as we progress in their scaling-up process.

We also have a second range of industrial grades, very similar to the ones characterized in our catalogue, whose production is in an advance scale up process. In these grades the control measures over their features: oxygen content, number of layers etc. are not so strict. They are suitable for those applications that don’t required that accuracy level, but which are more price sensitive, and closer to the market.

These materials current demand is mainly driven by R&D and some of the most promising applications are related to electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The values reached depend a lot on the polymer matrix in which they are introduced, dosage used, quality of the dispersion, graphene or graphene/graphite nanoplatelets used, etc.