Avanzare has developed a highly effective technology at avoiding microorganisms’ proliferation at extremely low dosages. It is specially designed to remove bacteria and fungi even when the treated material is coated.

avanZnO BAC is based on the use of ZnO functionalized particles together with Zinc pyrithione and/or other elements.  Its powerful active substance presents a very wide action spectrum against fungi and bacteria proliferation. In addition, thanks to its synergetic effect with the other compounds in its formulation, it guarantees a good performance even when covered by the matrix, unlike other anti-bacterial additives in the market.

AvanZnO bac is available in different formats: solid, liquid or mastebatch and at different concentration levels to match our customer’s requirements.


Moreover, this additive is available with anti-odour additional performance upon customers’ request.

avanzare ANTI-ODOUR is designed to remove the resulting odour caused by the body in contact with the treated material. It is suitable for this sort of applications: insoles, textile, foams in furniture our automotive interiors…It is based in a synergetic combination of nanomaterials that works in three phases:

  1. The odour source is destroyed.
  2. The odour is absorbed and retained.
  3. The molecule responsible for the odour is oxidized, obtaining a much difficult to be perceived molecule by human smell.
Bactericidas / Bactericides