avanNATUR nylonSTAT

is a powerful non-toxic antistatic plasticizer, specially designed for its application in polyamide spinning.

avanNATUR nylonSTAT is an extremely efficient antistatic plasticizer that enables antistatic and ESD long-lasting performance in any colour PA formulation at low dosages. Additional to its antistatic/ ESD performance, this additive increases the MFI of the PA and eases
higher loading of fillers during spinning, which makes it a suitable additives for PA fibres.

With completely natural formulations free from petroleum base materials, non-toxic at all this effective antistatic-ESD additive meets the demand for more sustainable and natural components.  Additionally, it continues sharing avanSTATIC products performance features.


  • Adjustable performance antistatic additive that enables even ESD levels.
  • Increases the polymer MFI
  • Resulting  increase in spinning velocity
  • Water moisturizing improvement on the fibres.
  • Liquid form for an easy dosage during master production
  • Suitable for any colour formulation
  • Non-toxic
  • No blooming has been observed within this product recommended use rate.
  • Liquid form (pellet MB formats available soon)