Different antistatic additive options available for paints and coating depending on resistance target, colour requirements and material to be treated (water or solvent-born systems):

avanSTATIC coat 323
antistatic additive specially developed water-born systems, epoxy, etc. Suitable for any colour formulation.

avanNATUR anti-dust
antistatic agent recommended for a broader range of potential applications: water or solvent-based. Suitable for any colour formulation.


  • Static dissipative and ESD levels permanent performance.
  • Colourless and colourable.
  • Low dosage required.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Minimal effect to host material properties.
  • Non-migratory.
  • Presented in powder form

avanCONDUCTIVE 334: 
conductive black percolation agent, indended for < 10^6 Ohms performance applications. Suitable for dark-grey or black colour formulations.