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aditivos antiestáticos avanzare

Resins and plastic materials are intrinsically insulating materials; nevertheless, materials with conductive and/or antistatic performance features are increasingly demanded both for production and protection purposes. Some of their common applications are: safety footwear, flooring, rolls, caster wheels, conveyor belts, handrails, gloves, etc.

Our antistatic/ESD additives impart certain conductivity in host materials so that they can release static electricity effectively in a controlled way and thus prevent problems caused by static electricity and uncontrolled electro static discharges, such as electric shocks, destruction of electronic circuits, sparks, appliance malfunctions, dust adhesion, etc.

avanSTATIC, avanNATUR, avanION & avanDISS antistatic additives rages share the following features:

  • Static dissipative and ESD levels permanent performance
  • Colourless and colourable
  • Low dosage required
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal effect to host material properties
  • Non-migratory
  • Solid, liquid, pellet MB forms available depending on the product

Product and agents specifically developed to ensure compatibility with the host matrix and according to the requested performance.

  • Rubber: avanSTATIC rubber, avanSTATIC plast-rub, avanSTATIC plast,
  • latex: avanSTATIC 75B
  • PU: avanION 35, avanION 13, avanION 35
  • PVC: avaSTATIC PVC A-033
  • EVA: avanSTATIC EVASTAT (S) /avanSTATIC 747
  • PA: avanNATUR nylonSTAT
  • Coatings & paints: avanNATUR anti-dust/ avanSTATIC coat 323/ avanCONDUCTIVE  334
  • Tailor made solutions for other materials upon demand (avanDISS for polyolefins)